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Single man Francisco Almeida, 62 y/o,   from Itajai - SC, Brazil. Athletic as 32 y.o., dinamic iniciative of 25 y.o. and happy soul as 18 y.o.

A very pleasant and charming voice. Good sense of humor, tender and Christian. God is the love of my life. Refined and very well educated, romantic, active and strong. Love is a magical experience. My friends say I am pleasant, and that I have something special, that attracts people to me. I am optimistic and work hard and calmly for better situations. I don’t expect to get everything easily. I am goal-oriented, courageous and persistent. I am very family oriented man, and I believe in real love. One day I will get this from my beloved God ! I am usually a pillar of strength and stability for my people, similar to my father, my grandfather and several generations before.

SPORTS: Great shape, highly active sportive life, 3 to 4 times weekly. I practice: Weight Lifting, Basketball, Yoga and Tai-Chi-Chuan . Love walks in the beach. Available only to my wife-to-be, I can do massage techniques which are very relaxing, pleasant and envolving .

RELATIONSHIP: I am known for my caring and common sense. A shy and reserved exterior. But in fact, I am simply a very mellow and modest man. I feel deeply about my loved ones and their issues, almost a psychologist. Know me one-on-one, and you will discover my sensual and romantic nature. Many times poetic and phylosofical. In essence, I am a kind, romantic, attentive, charming, passionate, tender and reliable man, goal-oriented, manly, cozy, with cheerful loving heart and a strong and understanding character. A strong body, I am easy-going, confident, independent, honest and trustworthy. Share all pleasures of life, support you anytime; I want marriage, I love children. A strong family is love & truth ..  
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62  лет, male  from Itajai - SC,  Brazil  
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