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Single man Charles Michael Deliteris, 75 y/o,   from Sherman, TX 75092, USA. I am an honorable man and a gentleman and that is the way I have always been, it is something that I feel deeply about and will never change, I don’t think that I am a handsome or hot man, as I am who I am and I don’t pretend to be anyone else, I am an average man with average means and income.  I will be a perfect and loving husband to you because anything less would be hurtful to you and do not want to ever hurt you and you deserve to be loved with my whole heart and soul and I will give you nothing less always more than I will receive. if you think I am the man you want to be with for the rest of your life then you will have to come here to me in Texas in the USA. I live in Sherman Texas 75092. Name is Steeplechase Farms on a road called FM one four one seven. I would always be an honest and truthful and faithful man and a romantic and passionate lover. A loving and supportive man and I would always hold your hand when we are walk together, I am not afraid to show affection. I would be there for all the good and the bad days, I would protect and defend you always in every way and would give my life to protect you if that is what is needed. I would never hurt you either emotionally or physically. 
I am a Military veteran from the US Air Force and the US Army. 
I am retired from my career of 25 years as an Expert Collision Damage Estimator and I-CAR Instructor, prior to that I was a Fireman for 6 years and prior to that I was a Deputy Sheriff for the Sheriff Department here in Texas. I am not a rich or wealthy man my income is from retirement and veterans pay monthly. DELITERIS
 I am of Italian descent my Grandfather and Grandmother came to the USA from Sicily.
I am a one-woman man and am seeking a one-man woman, I do not cheat and I do not lie.
 I like dogs and horses I also like going to my friend’s ranch and help feed his horses he has 14 of them. I like Camping in a tent in the woods or in a camp grounds with a nice fire and cook some food and just have a romantic evening, look at the stars in the sky MIKE and hold your hand and whisper in your ear 71 how much love I have for you, also Relaxing on the couch with my lady watching a good movie, @ Listening to music mostly country western music and oldies and some other music I can only do slow dances and the Texas 2 Step I also like to Go for walks with my lady, g and whatever makes my lady happy. I am a loving and caring man sometimes humorous. I have nothing to hide. MAIL I am Charles Michael Deliteris I don’t usually use my first name dot because I don’t really care for it. I prefer Michael or Mike or Mikey. com
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74  лет, male  from Sherman, TX 75092,  USA  
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