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Single man Serif Basaran, 56 y/o,   from Gonderange, Luxembourg. Hi! I’m a 55 year old man, never been married, very single. Searching for an honest, long term/long lasting friendship relationship 

I am very serious and never lie, cheat or make up stories ... that’s not me. I am very kind and thoughtful. I love being open minded to life with an idealistic and realistic approach.

I am a musician playing classical guitar, clarinet and sometimes piano. I love going on long walks/hikes and mountain biking or regular biking. I love old classic films and movies. My favorites are: Sons and Lovers; Dr. Zhivago; Firelight; Swept By The Sea and Breaking The Waves. I do enjoy history documentaries, suspense, drama, comedy. I don’t smoke and not much of a drinker. I really love having tea all day. 

I am seeking for an ultimate strong, understanding romantic friendship. I am desperately calm on waiting for a beautiful woman that I could get to know, admire and love her sincere friendship towards me. I might sound like an old timer but I do give respect on thoughts with passionate feelings. I am a calm and thoughtful person. I do honor respect and loyalty as I am an idealistic, realistic and reasonable person. If I find that special other half of what I am really searching for, I will tremendously overjoyed! I feel so empty with deep pain for wanting a sweet, dear, charming, honest, understanding women which I really need. My heart needs love and friendship for my loneliness. I do wish you are what I have been waiting for. Everything happens for a reason .  
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56  лет, male  from Gonderange,  Luxembourg  
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