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Single man Mohamed, 43 y/o,   from Saskatoon, Canada. I'm a determined, independent and positive man. I know what I want in life, and I hope that together we can work towards and share in both of our dreams and goals. I'm an active and outgoing person, physically, spiritually and intellectually, and I try to find time not only to try new things but to also stimulate and challenge my intellectual and mental curiosity and mind.  I would also consider myself to be both a spiritual and holistic being. I am honest, loyal, caring, trustworthy and very romantic, and truly believe in the traditional values of love, romance, respect and family. My aim and objective and true dream is to find my soulmate, my better half, My Queen, My Lady, the Love of my life, and together build a loving, caring and truly happy family and home..  
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43  лет, male  from Saskatoon,  Canada  
номер анкеты: 8358

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