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Single man jamsheed javidan, 42 y/o,   from Quebec, Canada. Anyone who was alive with love never dies.
This is my Biography
My life is in three parts..
The first two parts of my life, Like other people .Was Normal
But . The third part was the most difficult part of my life..
The First . I had one  the love failure in my life .. That It change the course of my life .
Hard work and the university Study.
Currently I have a good job of GMC the engine design .
Now I at age 35. I have a big house.  And  I have a small farm in the town of Quebec .
My defense is last in December next And so then In September 2013  i taken PhD Fluid Mechanics myself  .
But none of them could not fill a void in my love .
I'm 35 years old., And I'm tired of being alone.
I need a partner to create a beautiful Common life  together.
Ваш ник на сайте: jamsheed
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42  лет, male  from Quebec,  Canada  
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