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Single man Edward , 55 y/o,   from London, United Kingdom. I try to be a Gentleman first and treat people with respect and honest transparency.
Am a divorced father with a 23yr old son, who lives on his own now and has a great career.
More about me: I am passionate, open minded, fun, love to laugh, can cook, (yes love to cook,really! Ha-ha!). Love to dance, not afraid of hard work, love helping people.         
Grew up and lived in New York City most of my life but now live between homes in NY, London and Washington DC for my global businesses and my humanitarian philanthropic initiatives.
Am a senior partner in a European financial firm and entrepreneur. Launching a new Lady's fashion brand with a European designer. I am also the founder/chairman of a global humanitarian foundation, which is based in the US. .  
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55  лет, male  from London,  United Kingdom  
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